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State IT Policy, Instructions, and Guidelines

Overview of State IT Roles and Responsibilities

The California Technology Agency (Technology Agency) - The CaliforniaTechnology Agency is a cabinet-level agency, responsible for establishing and enforcing information technology (IT) strategic plans, policies, standards and enterprise architecture, and the IT project review, approval, and oversight program.

The Office of Information Security and Privacy Protection (OISPP) - The OISPP will operate within the State and Consumer Services Agency, and is responsible for the promotion and protection of consumer privacy, and the creation, issuance, and maintenance of information security and privacy policies, standards, and procedures directing state agencies to effectively manage security and risk, as defined in Section 11549.3 of the Government Code.

The Information Technology Consulting Unit (ITCU) - The ITCU will be a unit within the Department of Finance (Finance), and will operate under Finance's general powers of supervision over all matters concerning the financial and business policies of the State, as defined in Section 13070 of the Government Code.


State IT Policy, Instructions, and Guidelines

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