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New Releases

May 2008: Supplemental Report of the 2007 Budget Act Item 0502-001-9730 1 OCIO 080515, for support of the office of the Chief Information Officer (pdf)

February, 2008: Approved State Information Technology Projects (PDF, 127 KB)

December 2007: California Statewide Telecommunications Strategic Plan (PDF, 806 KB) - Pathway To A Connected California

November, 2007: California State Information Technology Roadmap

November, 2007: Annual Report on the Executive Branch's Information Technology Program - 2006-2007 (PDF, 814 KB)

2007 June: Server Consolidation Report (PDF, 45 KB)

2007 June: Recommended Administrative Actions That Can Immediately Promote Broadband Access and Usage (PDF, 422 KB)

2007 June: Envisioning the California Executive Branch's Next Generation Enterprise Network (PDF, 91 KB)

2007 June: Draft California Statewide Telecommunications Strategic Plan -- Pathway to a Connected California (PDF, 639 KB)

2007 May: IT Succession Management Planning Toolkit
Table of Contents, Welcome Letter, FAQs (PDF, 400 KB)
Succession Management Plan (PDF, 7 MB)
Skills Assessment (PDF, 10 MB)
Management Competencies Required by Position (PDF, 2 MB)
Technical Competencies Required by Position (PDF, 1 MB)
External Recruitment Strategy (PDF, 7 MB)
Potential Candidate Rating Sheet (PDF, 2 MB)
Management Training Plan (PDF, 35 MB)
Implementation Timeline (PDF, 9 MB)
Recruitment and Retention by Generation (PDF, 14 MB)

2007 March: California's Telecommunications Strategy: Business and Management Challenges

2007 February: IT Annual Report (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Other State CIO Publications

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